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The purpose of this website is to share my writing and art with the world. I like to write about philosophy, social theory, political economy, and issues surrounding the environment. I also like to make my own music, wood carve, and do various forms of art (like sketching, digital art, et cetera).

Much of the writing you will see on this website will be mixed in purpose. Sometimes I want to submit a mere thought or idea, share it with the world, and get feedback with these thoughts. There is no such thing as perfection, and we should assume all writing is an unfinished idea. Indeed, I want to experiment with making my writing transient and collective: gaining feedback, debating, and getting comments would be extremely useful. There is a reason for this experiment: usually when we write individually, we may express an idea that may break away from my original intended meaning, and it takes a life of its own, or that the idea itself is extremely undeveloped. By getting feedback, I am able to clarify and improve. I am still working out a system as to how I will carry out this experiment, but this is one of the major intentions.

I will also submit completed articles, essays, poems, and prose. I don’t want to be limited to the temporal lag of submitting articles to journals (peer review feedback is essential and a positive aspect of waiting this long), and I think that getting immediate feedback from ideas in the above will become the springboard for finalizing a collectively-influenced article.

There is also the possibility of publishing other authors.

Pebblestone by the Pond

Even a child’s first impulse involves this practical alteration of external things ; a boy throws stones into the river and now marvels at the circles drawn in the water as an effect in which he gains an intuition of something that is his own doing. This need runs through the most diversiform phenomena up to that mode of self-production in external things which is present in the work of art. And it is not only with external things that man proceeds in this way, but no less with himself, with his own natural figure which he does not leave as he finds it but deliberately alters.
-Hegel, Lectures on Aesthetics Volume 1.

The purpose of this page is to collect some various aphorisms, that may be expanded into a full essay or article. These aphorisms are glimpses of various ideas that I want to further explore. Sometimes there is no need to explore, and not expand.

Last updated: August 22, 2017